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6 Best Free Unblocked Online Anime Streaming Sites in 2018

Kissanime and Gogoanime are the origins of the anime streaming sites.

6 Best Free Unblocked Online Anime Streaming Sites in 2018: Do you know one best quality about me? Well, I just love watching animes. Anime is life and life is anime. When I watch anime or read the manga, I go into a different world.

Did You Know?

In Japan, more paper are used to print manga than toilet paper.

Guess what – that world is much beautiful and sweet than the world you are living.

I am too much addicted to anime and spend way too much time watching it. Anime deserves that 😛

And yeah, those people saying to stop watching anime and get into reality more often, they should know that reality is for people who lack imagination.

Anyway, I guess most of you have just started watching animes and are getting trapped in its addiction. You are performing very well. Proud of you!

One Piece Anime

Now, let’s get into the main topic. You are in search of online anime streaming sites, huh? Hunting for the best anime streaming sites is quite hard you know. Finding the one with a flawless video player is even harder.

Don’t worry! Since I am here to help you, I will make your hunt a big success. And that’s why I present you the top 6 best free unblocked online anime streaming sites:

Online Anime Streaming Sites:

6. Soul Anime

Soul Anime - 6 Best free online anime streaming sites

If you have a weak internet connection & strong determination to watch anime, then soul anime is the best place to get started with. It’s lightning fast video players will surely make you stunned. Believe me!

With at most 5 video players, Soul Anime streams hundreds of anime for free just for you. Each anime is categorized by its genre so that you can choose your favorite genre with ease and enjoy the show.

However, if you love watching English Dubbed shows, you might get disappointed with Soul Anime. It’s because soul anime only serves Engish subbed shows.

If you wanna be a true otaku, you must prefer sub over dub.

Alexa Rank: 7494

5. AnimeFreak

Anime Freak - 6 best online anime streaming sites in 2018

If you don’t wanna get transformed into a pure otaku i.e. prefer dub over the sub, then AnimeFreak should be the best choice for you.

In AnimeFreak, each and every anime are arranged and categorized according to the first letter of the anime so that you can find your favorite anime quickly and with ease.

The only disadvantage, I can see, with AnimeFreak is the lack of selection of the video players. You have to get stuck with only one video player in AnimeFreak which is really disappointing and make the users switch over to other sites.

However, this doesn’t mean that the player doesn’t work well. It runs really well. It’s quick and full of ads. 😛

Overall, it’s really good among online anime streaming sites.

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Alexa Rank: 4849

4. Otakustream

Otakustream - 6 best online anime streaming sites in 2018

Otakustream is by far the best site for the otakus. It has got most of the animes to get started with and guess what – each and every animes are arranged and categorized in their alphabetical order.

Otakustream has got 4 streaming servers with more than thousands of animes so that you can watch any of your favorite animes with ease.

Otakustream even offers to download any anime episodes you want.

The only problem with Otakustream is it requires registration to download the episodes. Don’t be sad, the process is quick and easy. Overall, it’s best for online anime streaming sites.

Alexa Rank: 2812

3. 9anime

9animw - 6 best online anime streaming sites in 2018

9anime is the top-notch anime streaming site you will ever get on the Internet. It serves both dubbed and subbed animes for free.

What I like about 9anime is it’s searching functionality. There’s a feature called Quick Filter in 9anime which lets the user search any of the animes according to the genre, year, language and so on.

Another great thing you can find at 9anime is the dark mode feature which lets the user change the skin of the site into the dark. Personally, my favorite.

9anime has got over 3 streaming servers with different controls so that you can watch your anime with no difficulty.

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Now, the thing I hate about 9anime is its streaming servers. They are a little bit slow in comparison with other streaming sites. It really is frustrating.

However, you can find the most of any online anime streaming sites in 9anime.

Alexa Rank: 1942

2. Kissanime

Kissanime - 6 best online anime streaming sites in 2018

If you ask for the best anime streaming site with an otaku, I guarantee you that he/she will probably say Kissanime. Kissanime is by far the most popular site among otakus.

All of the otakus grew with Kissanime. Don’t believe? Ask them!

Thousands of animes with around 4 streaming servers are served at Kissanime.

Kissanime also offers to download anime episodes but need a quick registration for the process.

It even favors the manga readers a lot. Well, it’s because you can read manga too with Kissanime. Probably, the best part of Kissanime.

What I find the most irritating aspect of Kissanime is the “Are you Human?” challenge which you have to solve before watching any of your favorite shows.

Alexa Rank: 378

1. Gogoanime

Gogoanime - 6 best online anime streaming sites in 2018

Personally, my favorite and the most powerful streaming site alive on the Earth. Gogoanime is the godfather of all the online anime streaming sites out there on the web.

Gogoanime serves both dubbed and subbed shows with more than 7 amazingly fast streaming servers. Generally, newly released episodes are served with 3-5 streaming servers.

Gogoanime is also the most popular site after Kissanime among otakus. Even, I grew up with Gogoanime. I watched the whole series of One Piece at Gogoanime. It was a great experience.

Personally, I would recommend Gogoanime for both starters and experts.

In addition to this, Gogoanime also offers to download the anime episodes with ease.

Alexa Rank: 679

Ending The Words

So, which online anime streaming sites are your favorite? Personally, my favorite is Gogoanime and let me know yours in the comment section below.

Also, make sure to share this post with every reachable otaku outta there.

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