10 Tech Myths You Should Stop Following (2018)

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Tech Myths Episode #1

The world is surrounded by the myth itself. Getting away from myths is like getting out of the friend zone, which is nearly impossible 🙁 (AD Enters) “This Valentine, Myth vs Crush”!

Here’s a quick fact on Valentine from Lord Friend Zone:

Did You Know?

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Looks like we are out of the track. From the belief of life being started with semen to the Great Wall of China being visible from the moon, all of these myths are proved wrong i.e. debunked.

Myths have even surrounded the technological area too. And guess what — you are following those damn myths every day in your life & maybe you could have even told others to follow them too.

Don’t worry noob when the pro is here to help you. With this, let’s now debunk those trending tech myths you have followed your entire life. LOL!!!

Tech Myths Ultimate List:

10. Overnight charge bursts your phone’s battery

Overnight charge bursts your phone's battery - Tech Myths

This is one of the trending myths all around the world. Once in a lifetime, before you were familiar with this myth, you must have left your phone charge overnight although the charge was full.

There’s not a single proof showing the cases of battery bursting after overnight charging. Yes – that’s true. Felt some relief?

Now, here’s the funny and proven thing. I always leave my iPad charge whole night and still haven’t faced any issues with my battery.

After you had heard this myth, you probably slept near your phone uncharged. I am feeling sorry for you but you shouldn’t do this either. If you are still a child with age less than 18, the radiations emitted from the mobile phone can actually harm you for free.

I will be covering this myth in my next post for free too.

9. Cellphones Cause Cancer

Cellphones Cause Cancer - Tech Myth

Your mobile phone emits a radiation called radiofrequency energy or radio wave which can actually be sucked by your tissue.

Despite the fact, there isn’t any concrete evidence showing that the cellphones actually cause cancer.

However, this theory doesn’t sometimes include children. Severe use of cell phones can actually harm the children because their nervous systems are still developing and, therefore, more vulnerable to factors that may cause cancer.

8. More signal bars mean better wireless service

More signal bars mean better wireless service - Tech Myths

Can I laugh at you? Yup — this is actually a myth and from now on you should stop believing it. This myth is still prevailing in the majority of the minds.

Here’s the thing — if you got full bars on your phone then this means you will get the best quality of communication, right? Well, not!

Actually, these bars indicate your signal strength to your nearest cellular tower which can be concluded as: “More people connecting to the tower results in more disturbance in your connection”.

Speed also varies on your network provider too.

7. Best specs mean the best device

Best specs mean the best device -Tech Myths

This is one of the most common myth and is still believed by billions. Guess what, you & I are also among those billions.

It’s natural for everyone to buy stuff as per the specs. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a new smartphone or laptop, we just throw money on the one with the best specs.

However, it’s not your fault. Manufacturers make the customers believe that the specs are directly proportional to the device. No science but yeah – “Better specs mean better devices”.

Moving into the reality, better specs doesn’t always promise you a phone that will work better for you than your previous phone with moderate features. It all depends on the resources you need for your work.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a smartphone with the fastest processor alive unless and until you do some heavy works that require more processing speed like video editing, gaming, etc.

This eventually means to buy devices as per your necessity. For instance, if you are a gamer or video editor, then obviously you should consider the one with high specs.

However, if you just wanna use your device for a common purpose, buy the one with the specs that better suits your need. You don’t need to buy the device with the best specs.

6. More Megapixels equals a better camera

More Megapixels equals a better camera - Tech Myths

Let me ask you a quick question. Which of these gives a better quality picture — 6MP Camera or 12MP Camera?

Without a doubt, your answer will, of course, be the one with 12MP Camera. But, that’s completely false. Your life was full of lies.

The quality of the picture depends on the camera’s sensor heavily. The quality is based on how much the light the sensor takes in. The larger it is, the better the quality.

Larger sensors come up with larger pixels, and the larger the pixel the more light it can absorb. So, the quality of the picture totally depends on the size of pixels rather than the number of pixels.

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