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OnePlus 5

Whoa! After a series of long posts and discussions, OnePlus 5T has finally been announced officially. Guess what - it is, of course, promising! Thanks to OnePlus 5T — I now have the answer for the iPhone X's blind fandom. Anyway, before it's official announcement, OnePlus 5T was already grabbing all the headlines of 2017 with it's leaks. And now, after the announcement, still, OnePlus 5T is likely to stay on the top of all headlines.


OLED Display of Pixel 2 XL and LG's V30 was already a disappointment. So, OnePlus 5T decided to choose Full Optic AMOLED Display over regular OLED's! As per the review from theverge, OnePlus 5T's AMOLED Display was considered far better than the OLED's of Pixel 2 XL and LG's V30!

Moving on, OnePlus 5T has a weird resolution of 1080 x 2160 (6.01 inch) with 18:9 aspect ratio! OnePlus 5T would have pixel density of 401 ppi to ensure clean and sharp images. Moreover, OnePlus 5T has 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 5! With the rose of elongated display from Galaxy S8, iPhone X, Pixel 2 XL, OnePlus 5T has also decided to adopt the same design. Nothing unfamiliar here, isn't it?

OnePlus 5T Front


In case of processor, it's similar to OnePlus 5! Yup — The Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 835 Octa-Core Processor with Adreno 540 GPU makes the comeback! The processor can be clocked upto 2.45 GHz, which is insane.

Operating System

OnePlus 5T would run on Android 7.1.1 Nougat out of the box. This operating system as of OnePlus 5 would also be based on OxygenOS! A little disappointment here as OnePlus 5T is unable to ship with the latest Android 8.0 Oreo :( Let's hope if it might be doing software updates in the future as of the Google Pixel 2.


Camera Lovers, you will probably love the OnePlus 5T's cameras. As of the iPhone X and Pixel 2 series, OnePlus 5T has dual camera of 16+20 MP to shoot even more crystal-clear photos. 5T's front camera is even more incredible. It's of 16 Megapixels which can capture the world at 30fps. 

RAM and Storage

Now here's the thing every non Tech-Geek likes to know. Here's a good news for you — OnePlus 5T meets your expectations! Yup, OnePlus 5T would be coming in two versions as you prefer. One with 6GB RAM and 64GB Storage & another with 8GB RAM and 128GB Storage. Insert as much as you can. YAY! OnePlus 5T is mine ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Also, with every good news there comes bad news as bonus too. Any guesses what might it be? Well, no microSD Slots.


OnePlus 5T has shifted fingerprint sensor to the rear which might not bring smile to few users. However, OnePlus 5T told that it tested the fingerprint scanners on front but concluded to put it in back as it would be best for the 5T!

Those who are wondering, it's exactly at the center just above the logo where your forefinger can reach easily. OnePlus 5T would also have Ambient Light Sensor. Those who love the classic, OnePlus 5T has Bluetooth 5.0 in it with with AptX HD support! Decide it whether it is classic or modern.

OnePlus 5T Back


Here's the thing more trendy than the OnePlus 5T itself — The Battery! I guarantee the Battery will top the trending charts. It's because OnePlus 5T has 3300mAh however non-removable battery. Now, what about the charging?

Let me clear the things. Those who still think that the Wireless Charging is fastest and best among all charging systems are going straight to the hell. Hell Yeah! First, I wanna let you know that OnePlus 5T has adopted Dash Charge — Fast Charging Tech. And now the question — how the hell is Dash charge faster than the Wireless Charge? Here's the proof:

Feeling Sorry? Is it too late now to say sorry?

Hardware & other Stuff

OnePlus 5T has anodized aluminum coated over it. And same goes for the fingerprint scanner too! Now, the thing I am gonna write will make you cry! It's because 3.5mm Headphone Jacks are present in OnePlus 5T. Long Time No See! Yes — Headphone Jacks makes a epic comeback after the dis abandonment from Pixel 2 and iPhone 7, 8 and X! Believe me, I am not cutting the onions:(

Moving on, OnePlus 5T would be available in Black only. Black is the New Black! Moreover, OnePlus 5T would have USB 2.0 and as it adopted elongated design, there would, of course, be no home button.


After all this words, the thing that matters the most is the Price! Lessen your heart beat and put smile in your horrible face :P because OnePlus 5T comes at the price you can afford. After Samsung and Apple went beyond $1000 mark, I thought OnePlus 5T might also cross the mark. HELL NO! Thank God, it didn't happen at all.

OnePlus 5T will be on sale in United States, Europe and India from November 21st! As stated before, OnePlus 5T would come in two versions - 64GB & 128GB! 64GB would be available from $499, €499 and ₹32,999 respectively whereas 128GB will be available from $559, €559 and ₹37,999 respectively.

Final Words

After seeing this feature, You & I (Not the One Direction) can finally believe that OnePlus 5T will be a tough competitor for iPhone X and Galaxy S8! It feels great although I prefer Samsung. Anyway, what do you think of it? Shout out your words in the comment section below. Also, don't forget to share this post to everyone you know in this Galaxy!
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Many of the Tech Giants like Samsung, Huawei, LG are rushing to make their brand even better with the concept of curved displays which has only appeared in imagination till date. There were rumors of Samsung Galaxy S9 to be the first curved smartphone and the hints of it was even given by the Samsung's President. However, it still yet to be confirmed that it would be the Samsung Galaxy S9! Anyway, I am pretty sure that 2018 would be the year for curved phones.

Moving on, it looks like Doogee, a Chinese Mobile Company, would also take part in this race. Yes — Doogee might also release a curved smartphone by 2018! Evan Blass on Twitter revealed some designs of the upcoming Doogee Smartphone's Design. However, it still needs to be confirmed that Doogee would adopt these designs. Have a look at it:
The tweet shows the designs of the smartphone with curved display and with Doogee's Branding. Perhaps, a prototype display! As of tweet, Doogee's upcoming beast would have curved screen with 18.5:9 aspect ratio. The smartphone would also feature 6GB of RAM  with 128GB of Storage. Probably, it would have Snapdragon Processor too.

With the release of Doogee Mix this year, Doogee is somewhat showing it's interest towards the display of the phones. Doogee Mix introduced a near-bezel-less display and was available from a whooping €152. Probably, Doogee would likely adopt the curved display designs in it's upcoming smartphones.

Don't be happy yet as the official statement is yet to arrive! Personally, I would jump with excitement if Doogee would be adopting this designs. If not, I would accept a Myth Challenge. Anyway, let's wait until the official words arrives.

Back then, Samsung and LG had already foreshadowed the curved designs with the release of Samsung Galaxy Round and LG Flex! Galaxy Round had curved display along vertical axis whereas Flex had along horizontal axis. Well, let's see how flexible the upcoming curved smartphones would be. Maybe more than the World's Most Flexible Man! Myth?

Sorry Apple! We're talking about the innovative ideas :P. Don't Miss:
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Do you think Doogee would bring the curved concept back? Can it give tough competition to Samsung and LG? Shout out in the comment section below. Also, remember this for your entire life — "Sharing is Caring"! 
TechnoCombo is a channel all about tech and techniques. TechnoCombo promises you to provide latest tech news, several tutorials and tips and tricks.
Why Apple sucks

Yup — Apple is a complete trash! I don't know why I hate Apple this much. Probably because I think Apple never learns from it's mistake (Apple Fan Burns)! 

Ever since the iPhone X hit the market, the list of complaints kept on adding and adding. Among them, the most controversial is the Face ID which Apple claimed to be the most secure tool ever made by them (laughs). After reading this post, you will know why Apple is a trash! Wait a second — I am not using Android.

Let's start the show!

The Headphone Saga

iPhone 6 HeadPhones

I am really really feeling sorry for Steve Jobs after leaving the so called great Apple to some piece of shits. Apple could become the greatest if Steve Jobs was alive. Anyway, you guys have probably known about the disappearance of Headphone Jacks starting from the iPhone 7 just to make it slim! Slim also means to lose some grams of iPhone, isn't it?

If you are thinking that Apple did this to lessen the weight of the iPhone just to make us comfortable then you are going straight to the heaven without knowing the actual truth. Yes — Apple's Actual & Creepy Truth is still hidden among users! I am gonna expose it right now.

Most of the people were against of it but Apple, on the other hand, gave it's middle finger in exchange of the headphone jack. Instead, Apple found a innovative replacement for the headphone jacks called AirPod which was really really expensive as compared to the headphone jack which proves that Apple just wants more money and money from it's customers. It's just a trash yet effective method of earning some more bucks.

Repair Price Is Equivalent to a Price of a New Android Phone

As I already mentioned, Apple just wants some more bucks from it's customers. Apple regularly comes up with it's innovative ways of increasing it's net worth ($750 billion). Well, what's the tale behind this you ask — go read the title again :P.

No matter what's wrong with your expensive iPhone or how tiny is it's problem, it costs at least £200 ($263) to fix it. WOW! Apple is a creative nigga. With this price, you can buy a better Android Phone than our piece of trash, the iPhone. Well, if you are master in bargaining and are Apple Fan, the price might get reduced too. Give it a try.

Apple TV for Apple Logo

Apple is masterpiece in redefining the smartness. Wondering what smartness mean? Well, smartness is the Apple Logo. Yes, the first definition of it comes from it's TV called Apple TV with it's slogan "The Future of Television". Future of Television? Are you kidding me? Bitch please — Samsung Smart TV is million times better than your piece of future shit. The slogan should be modified as, "Future of Trash". But still there's a smart reason still to buy Apple TV instead of Samsung Smart TV  — and that's the Apple Logo.

Well, the exact reason behind the development of the TV is the thing you probably have guessed by now! Guess what? It's the money. Money and money and bucks! A TV that does nothing more than your expensive TV's? Bitch, please!

Ugly Top Notch

Apple is a smart nigga. I told you already the saga behind it. Wait — there's more to add in this saga. You guys are probably familiar with the iPhone X. Well, if you don't know, it's another trash from Apple which was made to top the trash list. Yes, your household garbage are nothing in front of it.

As the title says, iPhone X has a ugly top notch which is another smart idea from Apple. This time Apple decided not to keep the top bezel intact which looks odd. Some said it, "Steve Jobs would never let that happen" whereas some said, "Notch Mode for Chrome"! 

With the top notch, browsers renders webpages with white bars on the sides if you are using in landscape mode. Also, the scroll bar of browser literally disappears behind the notch as you move down. WOW! How smart!

Thanks to the ugly top notch, you have to sacrifice some sections of the game you play. Moreover, the smart top notch even adds a black-cutout for every YouTube Video you watch in fullscreen (Crying with Laughter + Thank God Android Exists). 
Gameplay in iPhone X

Apple is a Liar

Most of you might are satisfied with the trash (Face ID) but now you should be more aware of it. Let me tell you a short-failure story about it. Just a week ago, an experiment was done on Face ID after Apple said that Face ID can't be fooled by the masks although it's 3D-Printed.

However, this statement went completely wrong. Well, the experiment I was talking about just a few lines before got succeed. Yes, Apple's most secure Face ID was fooled by a 3D-Printed Mask. Apple told that it does some 3D scanning of the user's face so that it won't be fooled with the masks and yet it was a failure. Liar!

Most Secure Face ID Fails Once More

Although I have already mentioned how secure was the Face ID, I am gonna tell you an another trashness (is that the right word? :P) of it which happened recently.

A ten year old boy unlocked his mom's iPhone X with his face. (Watch the Video) Crazy, isn't it?  Yet, our most secure tool became insecure and worst. Although, Apple claimed that it's Face ID might get fooled in case of twins and with the siblings under 13 years of age having similar faces, it became a complete failure in between the face of mother and her son. Of course, they have got a huge difference in their ages. Apple's Face ID 3D stuff fails here too. No surprising at all.

Meet The Most Expensive Trash Ever

iPhone X

Did you know that there exists the most expensive trash? Any Guesses? Of course, it's the brand new $1000 creature, the iPhone X. The brand new, iPhone X is composed of several garbage ideas like the awful notch, double cameras (Google Pixel 2 achieved the thing Apple wanted with a single camera), it's worst design, atrocious UI and yet the cost is $1000! Ugghhhh — I can't talk more about it. Decide yourself!

Conclusion for Apple Fanboys/Fangirls

I hope that I have finally opened your third eye and now I hope that you realized why Apple is a Trash. I know lot of you would be mad at me. However, I am not saying that you quit the fandom instead I am telling you to stop supporting Apple on it's worst aspect. 

If this trend continues, for Apple logo they would make you their puppets and continuously bring worst products in the future too. I am not gonna ask you to share this post because I know most of you are still mad at me. I heard AMEN can heal the wounds. Should I use AMEN on you :P?

Conclusion for Rest of Others

 If you fall in this section, you are awesome. By now, you probably have realized how worst is the Apple. You guys are born to create not to show-off the creepy logo. I am really feeling sorry for Steve Jobs! If you think I am on the right way, please share this post to everyone you know. Till then, see you again.
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Robot Dog From Boston Dynamics

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has taken the world by storm. With the help of this AI, recently a humanoid robot was made called Sophia. The female robot also got citizenship of Saudi Arabia. This sounds really terrifying and interesting, isn't it? In short, this is called the "Rise of the AI"!

Moving on, Boston Dynamics which is now owned by Japanese Telecommunication and SoftBank (previously owned by Alphabet Inc.), published a YouTube Video featuring a latest invention on AI! It's name is SpotMini — A Robot Dog. SpotMini is covered in plastic revealing only a set of 3D Vision Camera. You can consider it as the eye of the Robot Dog.

You might have heard SpotMini before. Yes — it's the same SpotMini of 2016 but modified and improved version of it. 2016's SpotMini however looked like a giraffe looking robot as compared to the 2017 one. Also, it was really really horrible at performing household tasks. The brand new, SpotMini looks perfectly like a dog but without tail and head. I said it's the modified version :P.

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The latest SpotMini looks like a Hollywood 3D Model. It looks much more realistic and polished. It's movement is incredibly smooth like a fluid. It feels like Gaming at 100 FPS! Boston Dynamics CEO Marc Raibert said, "I happen to believe that robotics will be bigger than the Internet" at a conference in October. With this statement, the company is taking it's first step towards it with this robo-dog.

With this Robot Dog that can move and respond to things, Boston Dynamics is progressing towards Robotics. Boston Dynamics might also give tough competition in the market. However, let's hope that Robots wouldn't dominate the humans :(

Here's the teaser of the Robot Dog released by Boston Dynamics' official YouTube Channel:

Isn't it awesome? Look at it's movement and the way it responds. So, what do you think of this robot? Would it be the failure as like the 2016's SpotMini? Shout your thoughts in the comments. Also, don't forget to share this post to everyone you know.
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iPhone X Face ID fooled by mask

Apple, in iPhone X launch, claimed that it's brand new Face ID is the most secure technology ever created. Apple even claimed that the Face ID cannot be fooled my masks too. However, this statement has totally gone wrong according to the result of experiment done by Bkav in theirs YouTube Video. Also, for those who don't know, Face ID was also a failure among twins.

Moving on, the security researchers at Bkav tricked the Facial Recognition Technology with an strange looking 3D Mask! “The mask is crafted by combining 3D printing with makeup and 2D images, besides some special processing on the cheeks and around the face, where there are large skin areas, to fool AI of Face ID,” said Bkav vice president Ngo Tuan Anh.

Here's the full video where Face ID got beaten:

As shown on the video, iPhone X's Face ID was first treated with real face to show that there were no hacks or tricks involved. And lastly, iPhone X's was treated with 3D-Printed Mask made by 3D Printed Face Model coated by some sort of skin material. "In conclusion, Face ID on this iPhone X is not as secure as Apple announced", says Bkav after Face ID was beaten.

Excluding the 3D Printer, the mask is said to have cost of $150 which took about five days to complete! This guy proved that, "Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success". Despite all this, Bkav said that it's no worries for normal iPhone X users as going through all this stuff for the one who wants to look your private photos or emails, would be a lengthy and costly process. Maybe, he can buy iPhone X with his own hard work. However, for big personalities, Face ID wouldn't be enough for security.

Also, here's a flaw in iPhone X called Green Line of Death:
iPhone X Has a Green Line Display Flaw

Face ID, as compared to Fingerprint Scanner is somehow a better security tool. It's because Fingerprint scanner is easily hackable i.e. can be fooled in an instant. Looks like, Apple needs more hard work in this field rather than applying it to the ugly top notch. Remember iPhone X?

iPhone X is available in two versions: 64GB and 128GB. 64GB costs about $699 whereas 128GB costs about $1149, which is really expensive for a phone.

So, what do you think of this tool? Is it reliable to you? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. As always, don't forget to share this post to everyone you know in this expanding universe. Till then, see you again!
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Recording screen in Apple devices has always been a troublesome task. It was only possible via some third-party apps of which App Store didn't make them available for download. It was because those apps were violating the rules of Apple. What kind of rule is this? Well, only Apple can make such rules. However, Apple's brain (seed) came back and made in-built screen screen recording feature after a long await.

The Screen Recording Feature was made available from iOS 11! However, this feature can't be directly accessed by going over the brand new Control Panel. You can only see the Screen Recording Feature only after you enable it from Settings.

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Here's how to do it and how to record screen in iPad and iPhone:
Note: The feature is tested in iPad. Same process goes for iPhone too!

1. Open Settings and select Control Center.

2. There you will see "Customize Controls" option. Tap it right away.

3. Now you will see the available features. The one with (+) are still to be added while (-) are the one which are already visible in the Control Panel. There you will also see the feature named Screen Recording. You just have to click it to show it in Control Panel. You can also observe that it just shifts to "INCLUDE" section.

4. Now you are all set up. You can now record your screen without any difficulty! You just need to open Control Panel by double tapping the Home Button or sliding the top bar in iPhone X! You can now see a Screen Recording icon in the Control Panel after you complete the above steps.

5. Tap on the icon to record the screen right at the moment while tap and hold to access the available settings for Screen Recording. After you are set up, select "Start Recording" option.

6. Note that while recording the screen, the notification bar appears red which indicates the screen is recording.

7. Just tap the red bar to stop the recording.

And there you go. That's it to record the screen in iPhone/iPad. Apple has made it a lot easier after the release of iOS 11! Make sure you get iOS 11 for more features including this. You can do this by going to Settings > General > Software Update. Also, make sure your device is compatible with the update. Here are the devices compatible with iOS 11:
  • iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X
  • iPad Air, Air 2 and 5th-gen iPad
  • iPad Mini 2, 3, and 4
  • All iPad Pros
  • 6th-gen iPod Touch
If you have any problem regarding this then comment it down so that I can hunt it. Also, make sure you share this post to everyone you know in this universe. Well, even the aliens. Note: I am not a NASA Officer :P
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Buy iPhone X and an ugly green line in the screen — what you will do? Of course, you will be mad! And guess what, this creepy line appeared in some of the iPhone X as claimed by the owners. Yes, some of the iPhone X has a green line display flaw. Beware, while buying the X!

If you are buying the iPhone X just for the Apple icon to show-off :P, make sure to watch out these features too:

5 Unique Features of iPhoneX That Will Make You Fall In Love With It

Most of the users even named it the "Green Line of Death". LOL! Sounds creepy and funny! Anyway, as reported by the owners, a thin, vertical green line has popped in iPhone X edge-to-edge OLED Display out of nowhere. Being frustrated, some of those owners shared some pictures of the flaw in Twitter. 

Here are the post:
Green Line of Death:
Trying to Fix:

According to the tweet of Scott Hates, he even tried to remove the green line by restoring the phone but for some reasons it didn't work. Looks like the ugly green line is enjoying the iPhone X for free!

Those who are unaware — iPhone X is not only the victim of the green line. This flaw happened in Samsung Galaxy S7 too! This proves that it's some sort of electrical flaw or hardware failure. These kind of flaws aren't the rare in the mobile industry. iPhone 8 had also some battery issues or swelling. Apple is aware of this flaw and likely to fix it soon!

Actually, the tsunami of flaws happened after the legendary Note 7! Remember Note 7 :( RIP! Even the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL suffered the same fate of display issues. Note, they were the one who mocked Apple! "Karma is a Bitch", said one bitch!

Mashable reached out to the Apple to ask about the current issues on iPhone X! However, Apple hasn't responded on the cause of Green Line of Death flaw yet.

Moving on, iPhone X has not only this issue. As per the sources, iPhone X is not updating the weather according to the city. Apple claims to release a software patch to fix this issue in near future.

Let's hope these issues would be fixed soon as all of us are excited to buy the iPhone X! It's just frustrating after buying the $1000 beast just to see the green line! Hashtag greeneryiphonex on twitter and make it in the list of trending. If you have same issues with iPhone X, then comment down below. I will make a post about it. Also, don't forget to share this post to make your friends aware about this situation!

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Whoa, whoa, whoa! OnePlus 5T full body is finally here. After some long posts, we exclusively bring you the unboxing image of OnePlus 5T! As stated before, OnePlus 5T almost looks like Oppo R11S! Less than a week for the official launch and we have now already seen the OnePlus 5T looks and it's details.

From the photo, we can observe that OnePlus 5T has Bezel-Light Design. As per the photo, OnePlus 5T would obviously have 3.5mm Headphone Jack. Thanks to God for making my hopes true! Also, it can be noted that the fingerprint sensor has moved to back — thus making easier to unlock the beast.

Now, the question — What makes it the beast? It's because of it's specifications. Based on the documentation, OnePlus 5T would have 6.01 inch, 1080 x 2160 pixel, 18:9 aspect ratio AMOLED display. Now, that's bigger than the Everest! 

OnePlus 5T would also feature 6GB or 8GB RAM, 64GB or 128GB storage. OnePlus 5T would be running on OxygenOS based on Android 7.1.1 on Snapdragon 835 Processor which can be clocked upto 2.5 GHz. What about the battery? Well, it's of 3300mAh. It would also have 2.5D Gorilla Glass on top for some sort of protection. Although being the beast, OnePlus 5T weighs 162 Grams.

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Here's the leaked photo of the official OnePlus 5T (Left)! (OnePlus 5 on Right)

Moreover, according to the CEO of OnePlus, Pete Lau has confirmed that the upcoming OnePlus 5T won't get wireless charging feature instead said to rely on Dash wired charging technology. Also, recently several companies like Google and Apple got rid of Home Button and guess what - OnePlus did it too! Yes, OnePlus 5T would not have Home Button! In addition to this, OnePlus 5T would feature Bluetooth 5.0!

OnePlus 5T would officially roll in the market from November 16 i.e. 5 Days from now! Mr. Lau also hinted that OnePlus 5T would be available from ¥4000 equivalent to $600!

And that's it! Do you think OnePlus 5T would be the tough competitor for iPhoneX and Pixel 2 series? Shout out in the comment section below. Also, don't forget to click the damn share buttons to live the happy life :)
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Those who are unaware, the biggest video game company, Nintendo is the maker of the famous Switch. Due to it's growing popularity, Nintendo has decided to double the Switch Production. This volume can also increase as per the sales. According to the sources, Nintendo may produce approximately 30 Million Consoles the next year.

25-30 Million is however the goal of Nintendo and of course can be increased as per the demands during holidays. In October, Nintendo said that it would produce 10 Million Units by March 2018 which further increased to a even bigger number i.e. 17 Million. And from this, the goal is of 30 Million.

According to Wall Street Journal, Nintendo has now started to share the idea of expanding the numbers with the partners. Being the owner of the most famous games like Mario, this ain't no surprise at all. Nintendo is creating even higher standards and is expanding and expanding like the universe.

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Black Friday is about to come and so the sales. Give the Nintendo Switch a try using this golden opportunity. This year's major releases or games would also be available from $30! Here's the list you might want to know:
  • 1-2-Switch -- $25
  • Assassin's Creed Origins -- $35
  • Call of Duty: WWII -- $40
  • Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy -- $25
  • Disgaea 5 Complete (Switch) -- $20
  • Dishonored: Death of the Outsider -- $15
  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (Switch) -- $20
  • The Evil Within 2 -- $25
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn -- $20
  • Injustice 2 -- $20
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda -- $15
  • Need for Speed Payback -- $35
  • Nier Automata -- $25
  • Sonic Forces (Switch) -- $25
  • Super Bomberman R -- $25
  • Tekken 7 -- $25
  • Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus -- $25
Do you think Nintendo Switch production will reach the higher numbers in future too? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. And yet to remember, "Sharing is Caring!".
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Bezel less iPad Pro to launch in 2018

First thought after watching the thumbnail comes, "Is that the iPhone X's dad?"! Yeah, of course! Of all the Apple Products till iPhone X had only one button i.e. the Home Button. However, Apple wiped out the Home Button from iPhone X and guess what - Apple have also decided to delete that Home Button from the coming iPad too!

Recently, there were leaked renders of the coming iPad rolling in the Internet and if how it is you ask then I am gonna tell, "It's promising!". Coming from the source, the next year iPad Pro would also have Face ID - thus removing Touch ID! In short, it's the wider version of the iPhone X!

If there's Face ID, we are also not fully sure about the comeback of notch in iPad as Apple claimed the top notch in iPhone X was for the Face ID! Just hope that we will never again had to see the ugly top notch! Jesus, Save the Apple! Wait, what?

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Have a look at these stunning renders of larger iPad Pro free of ugly notch:

iPad pro render frontiPad Pro render side
As per the rumors, Apple will switch the iPad Display from Retina to OLED - however made by Samsung! If Apple continues to rely on Samsung for OLED's then, of course, iPad Pro price might reach the Jupiter where you can't afford to get.

The brand new iPad would also feature reduced bezels too and also like the iPhone X, it would have Apple-designed GPU! Moving on the hardware, Apple might also launch second generation Apple Pencil too along with the iPad!

And that's it for this post. What do you think of the iPad Pro pre-renders? Do they look stunning? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Before you click somewhere - "Sharing is Caring"! And yes, by the way - "Did you buy the iPhone X?".
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Stephen Hawking says AI Could End The Human Era

Stephen Hawking, the man of the century, thinks AI could help Robots rule over the humans. Physicist Hawking further added that the advancement in Artificial Intelligence (AI) could outperform human beings and can be the new form of life as the AI can replicate and modify it and then can improve itself. That's where the human era might end.

The improvement in AI helps it to supplant the human race soon. It's a claim made by him before. I also think that his opinion is right here. Even a female robot named Sophia has now been able to get the citizenship of Saudi Arabia and guess what - that's the same robot who claimed to end the humans.

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Further, Hawking also warned that the Earth is being too over-crowded by the RPG (Rapid Population Growth) and due to it's cons, people might need to shift to other planets. This might be the really worst condition since the human era.

Stephen Hawking's opinions are highly respected and many of them has also come true. He has wrote several books in his life and one of the most popular among them is "Properties of Expanding Universe". It's really interesting and also you can read it for free. Yup - Cambridge University uploaded a free copy of the book in their website. It was so popular it crashed the Universities Website. 

So, what do you think of Hawking's statement? Will it come true? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, in the Properties of Expanding Universe, Mr.Hawking wrote "Sharing is Caring"! Sounds cool? Why not do it now?
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This year has been the worst for Torrent fans including me and looks like the little peace-keepers wouldn't allow to break this chain. Firstly, the legend, KickASS Torrents got banned keeping the chain upto the ExtraTorrent which was also banned recently. Let's hope we would get a better future and guess what - you just hoped and BOOM - ExtraTorrentz is Back! "Legends may sleep, but they never die!"

Let's not call it the comeback of ExtraTorrentz - instead the return of the uploaders of it. Well, any profit with their comeback? Heck Yeah!  

You can call the ETTV as the descendants of ExtraTorrent, which I think would never come back :( "It’s time we say goodbye" were the last words of ExtraTorrent operator SaM before shutting down the ExtraTorrent. That feels! DAMN!

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These major players were the largest source for torrents on ExtraTorrent and after the incident happened with the ExtraTorrent, they decided to team up and then continued to work on sites such as The Pirate Bay and 1337x. Although it sounds fine in working in Pirate Bay but several users were confused to either goto . ETTV or ETHD! Due to this, they joined the hands and started the new torrent site. “We have launched a new site to cater to our fans,” the ETTV teams informs to it's users.

Since the site is brand new, it's no surprising if you see some of the bugs and issues on the website. If you are reading this post at the time it was published, then ETTV is currently unavailable for some reasons. However, the owners are keeping their eye on it as well and hopefully, they would fix this soon!

Lots of torrent websites went down this year. Do you think ETTV would also suffer the same fate or would it be the epic comeback after the downfall? Let me know in the comment section below. ExtraTorrent Owner before leaving also told, "Sharing is Caring"! Got it?